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How do I pack a piece of sculpture?

Short moves

A piece of sculpture can be wrapped in a blanket or other soft material and then placed in an appropriate size box. Make sure to place additional packing materials inside the box ... the more the better, as it will act as a shock absorber. If you can, it would be advisable to close the top of the box and seal it. The finished package can then be placed in your vehicle for transportation. Remember to place the package on the floor or in the trunk and not on the seat, as any quick stop may case the package to move. If you are uncomfortable moving it yourself, you can always call a professional.

Where do I find a fine art mover?

Fine Art Movers

If you need to find a carrier that specializes in moving fine art you can look in the phone book or, better yet, call a local gallery and get a recommendation. Remember that art galleries use fine art shippers all the time.

Should I insure my art while in transit?


It is important to make sure that your artwork is insured while in transit. Most shippers offer insurance, but it is much less expensive to cover it through your homeowners policy.

How do I ship an unframed painting?

Unframed oil paintings

If the oil painting is unframed, place some wax paper on the front of the painting before you wrap the work in cardboard, wood or a blanket. Remember that oil paintings have varnish on them and if the work is in a very hot area for a period of time, the varnish can become sticky.

What if I want to move with my paintings?

Short moves

Don't be afraid to move your artwork. One just needs to be careful. When moving a painting, make sure that both the front and back of the work are protected with cardboard or wood. And if you are going to use tape to hold the two pieces together, make sure that the tape does not touch the frame as it can remove the finish. If you are still uncomfortable, use a blanket or bubble wrap as well.

How do I pack a piece of sculpture?

Long moves

If you plan to move a piece of sculpture via a common carrier it is best to have the work packed by a professional.

How is a painting properly packed?

Long moves

If you plan to ship a painting via a common carrier, I would recommend that you contact a professional art packer; unless you are skilled at building your own crates. Great care needs to be taken to make sure that the work and frame are protected.

Who do I use to ship my artwork?


If you must use a common carrier to move your artwork, find someone who specializes in packing and moving fine art.

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